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5 Valentines Day Gifts for $35 and Under

Valentines Day 2022 Gifts 

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Alni Body Care Valentines Gifts

*New* Heart Shaped Lavender Rose Bath Bomb. Sold individually and in gift sets. 
Here are five Valentines gift ideas for $35 and under: 

1. Two Pack Heart Shaped Valentines Bath Bombs

Includes two (2) Lavender Rose Heart Shaped Bath Bombs, 200mg CBD each.  This two-pack comes in a heart gift box with red crinkle paper and a red heart tag.  

Two Pack Valentines Heart Bath Bombs


2. Valentines Heart Bath Bomb & CBD Lube Gift Box 

Includes one (1) Lavender Rose 200mg CBD Heart Bath Bomb & one (1) 1oz 100mg CBD Lube.  Comes packaged in a heart gift box with red crinkle paper & a red heart tag. 

Valentines Heart Bath Bomb and CBD Lube Gift Box


3. Valentines Heart Bath Bomb & 1oz 100mg Lavender Salve Gift Box

Includes one (1) 200mg CBD Lavender Rose Heart Bath Bomb and one (1) 1oz 100mg CBD Lavender Salve. The salve works amazingly for massage! Comes in a heart gift box with red crinkle paper and a red heart tag.  

 Alni Body Care Valentines Heart Bath Bomb and Lavender Salve Gift Box


4. 1oz 100mg CBD Intimate Lubricant 

Incorporate a CBD lube in the bedroom this Valentines Day!  Increases blood flow and stimulation to your most sensitive areas.  The 1oz 100mg CBD Lube is only $25!  Read about the CBD Lube in this blog post.  

Alni Body Care Intimate CBD Lubricant


5. Pack of Two 50mg Topical Salves - YOU Choose the scents! 

Includes two (2) topical salves, 50mg CBD each.  You get to choose which scents you would like.  Comes in Valentines-themed heart tissue paper.  

50mg CBD Topical Salve - Pack of 2


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