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Alni Body Care LLC

CBD body care made by a woman with endometriosis and PTSD. 

Topicals, Tinctures, Suppositories, & more products coming soon!

All products 100% VEGAN! Made with lab-tested Colorado Hemp. 


About Alni Body Care LLC

My name is Alexandra. I have a chronic disease called endometriosis. After making homemade salves to treat my own chronic pain, I decided to create Alni Body Care to provide high-quality, affordable CBD body products to share with other individuals with chronic illness and chronic pain.  Alni Body Care began in Colorado, however recently my partner and I moved to Maryland for his new career opportunity. All of my products are handmade using the finest Colorado lab-tested, hemp-derived CBD Isolate. I use CBD Isolate because it contains zero THC, and is therefore legal to ship to all 50 states in the U.S.  Subscribe to my mailing list for new product updates, sales, and more!

About Alni CBD Body Care - Alni CBD Body Care topical CBD salve hemp cbd isolate 500mg CBD


The tincture is really life-changing, to say the least.  I started a new medication and I'm getting all the bad side effects and it's really helping with this transitional period.  And the salve lasts so long even though I use it everyday!

Taylor B., New York

This is the only thing that would fight off my dry skin rash from a motorcycle burn on my leg.  My skin isn't dry and ugly, now it's healed and normal!  Clove/Cinnamon is my choice! 

Gabe M., Texas

I love this salve!  I have psoriatic arthritis in my hands.  This completely takes the soreness and aches out of them.  Love it!  Thank you

Jessica S., North Carolina

My dog has nasal cancer & his nose became super dry and flaky the other day.  I put some of my salve on his nose at bedtime and it was completely healed by morning.  Totally amazing! 

Shannon M., New York

My shipment has already made it to my town and expected to be here today, I did not expect it to come so fast!  Thank you for everything so far, your help, your wonderful services, and how professional absolutely everything is.

Amanda C., Massachusetts

I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy yesterday and let me just say this stuff has saved me from these horrid gas pains in my shoulders/neck and super tense muscles in my back and tummy! 

Maxine R., Florida

Got this product yesterday it's amazing for my multiple sclerosis pain, thank you so much for creating this!

Lorrie C., Ohio

I have had fibromyalgia from childhood, I am 66 years old.  I also have degenerative disc disease, arthritis, and am a breast cancer survivor.  I use Alni Body Care everyday all day.  I use the tinctures and the Clove/Cinnamon salve.  The company and Alexandra are the very best! 

Deborah B., California

I absolutely love this CBD salve! I have stage 1 endometriosis and I have pain almost everyday. This salve works great for pain and inflammation. It’s a great formula that’s fast absorbing and isn’t too greasy like others salves I’ve tried. The salve smells amazing and it isn’t too overwhelming. It’s also affordable and the shipping was really fast. I definitely would recommend this brand to my friends and endo sisters!

Brittany P., Ohio

We use only Lab-tested, Hemp-derived CBD

Alni Body Care Blog

Perfect Pair: CBD Salve + CBD Tincture (CBD oil)

Perfect Pair: CBD Salve + CBD Tincture (CBD oil)

Perfect Pair! Vegan CBD Salve & Vegan CBD Tincture (CBD Oil). 🌿🌱
Use them together for pain & inflammation. The salve is great to apply directly where you need. Use together for optimal results.  Try both with either of our CBD Salve/Tincture product bundles.
Add our Unflavored CBD Oil to any meal or beverage!

Add our Unflavored CBD Oil to any meal or beverage!

Have you tried Alni Body Care Unflavored Vegan CBD Tincture?! You can consume it straight from the dropper, use sublingually (under the tongue), or add to your favorite drink, like a coffee or smoothie, or your favorite meal, like a salad dressing or in a sauce! I like to take it straight or add to my coffee in the morning ☕️! Our droppers have graduated mL markings to make measuring doses easy!  I’ve been personally using my CBD tincture for a while now and my mood is immensely better! 
My Non-Diet "Endo-Diet": Plant-Based Dairy

My Non-Diet "Endo-Diet": Plant-Based Dairy

Since endometriosis causes chronic inflammation (among other things), sometimes it helps for people with Endometriosis to switch to dairy-free options.  Some people choose to be completely dairy/gluten/sugar/caffeine/everything-free and/or vegan, but that lifestyle doesn’t work for everyone and it certainly wouldn’t work for me!  For anyone looking to do a few simple steps that will help, just switching to plant-based dairy products is pretty helpful! Click to read more of my non-diet Endo Diet tips! 
Alni CBD Body Care - What is CBD? (Cannabidiol) Information on CBD & the difference between cannabis CBD & Hemp CBD

What is CBD?

What is CBD?  CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the many compounds found in cannabis and hemp.  There are cannabis strains high in CBD, but in hemp there...