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Spotlight: Alni Body Care Grapefruit CBD Salve


Alni Body Care Vegan Grapefruit CBD Salve

🍊🍃 Have you tried @alnicbd Grapefruit CBD salve?! The scent is uplifting and energizing; more bitter than sweet, but not overpowering! Grapefruits are approximately 99% Limonene, a terpene associated with its antioxidant properties, as well as improving immune & respiratory function & enhancing mood. Terpenes are phytocannabinoids, compounds found organically that give plants their unique qualities, like aroma, taste, and even give cannabis strains their unique therapeutic benefits. I like to use the grapefruit first thing in the morning to energize me and wake me up, while offering relief! I have also used it on what I suspected was a cold sore popping up a while ago; once I felt a tingle on my lip, I rubbed some on and didn’t need to get any OTC products! For some, grapefruits are too bitter, but I love them! I drink fresh grapefruit juice and eat grapefruits Almost everyday! Did you know... the French word for Grapefruit is “pamplemousse”! 🍃🍊

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