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Perfect Pair: CBD Salve + CBD Tincture (CBD oil)

Alni Body Care CBD Tincture CBD Oil CBD Salve CBD Topicals CBD Drops

🌱🌿Perfect Pair! Vegan CBD Salve & Vegan CBD Tincture (CBD Oil). 🌿🌱
Use them together for pain & inflammation. The salve is great to apply directly where you need. CBD ingested orally can help with anxiety, insomnia, and general mood without any intoxicating effects.* Use together for optimal results. Try both with either of our CBD Salve/Tincture product bundles: 

250mg CBD Tincture + 50mg CBD salve Bundle (Pictured Below)


500mg CBD Tincture +200mg CBD salve Bundle (Pictured Above)

 Alni Body Care 250mg CBD tincture cbd oil 50mg cbd salve cbd topical cbd product bundle

I personally take the CBD oil for anxiety, but it also helps quell my whole-body pains/aches from endometriosis. I rub the salve directly to where my cramps are. The CBD oil helps me get a more restful sleep, especially when I’m in pain. 







*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  These products are not intended to treat or cure any illness.  Not intended for children.  Please consult your doctor before adding dietary supplements to your regimen.  

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