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Paddleboarding? Golf? Beach? Use Alni Body Care Lemongrass & Basil Natural Bug Spray

Paddleboarding? Golf? Beach?  Use Alni Body Care Lemongrass & Basil Natural Bug Spray

There is still plenty of time to enjoy outdoor activities!  Here are some activity-based product recommendations.  

Alni Body Care paddlingboarding

Fall is a great time to bust out the stand-up paddleboards, or SUPs.   Make sure to take a lemongrass and basil natural bug spray or a lemongrass and basil CBD salve along with your to ward off pesky biting bugs! The natural bug spray is water-based, so you'll want to re-apply if you swim or are submerged in water.  The lemongrass and basil CBD salve is a seasonal blend that will be retiring for the season soon!  Use for aches and pains and to keep away bugs.  Both the lemongrass and basil bug spray and lemongrass and basil salve are seasonal products.  

Alni Body Care seasonal Lemongrass & Basil salve

When I play golf, during the round, I prefer to use a spray (applied while on the cart path, of course).  This is an easy-to-apply spray bottle available in a 2oz or 4oz size.  Alni Body Care natural bug spray is 85% lemongrass essential oil; 10% basil essential oil; and 5% lavender essential oil.  The lemongrass is the key active ingredient to prevent and reduce bug bites*, as well as is very pleasant-smelling.  Prior to the round, I apply the Lemongrass and Basil CBD salve on my leg for sciatic nerve pain and to keep away the bugs.  

Ani Body Care Lemongrass & Basil Natural Bug Spray on the golf course

 *please re-apply after swimming or bathing.  make sure to cover all areas of exposed skin.  if you see bugs circling, also spritz into the area to create a forcefield of natural mist.  also re-apply to skin in these conditions.  when utilized in this manner, I have experienced the fewest amount of bug bites I've ever experienced in a summer season.  I have O+ blood and I am usually eaten alive.  I highly recommend my natural lemongrass and basil bug spray! 

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