NEW! Lavender Eucalyptus Seashell Shower Steamers

*NEW* Non-Infused Bath Bombs (NO CBD!)

Introducing Alni Body Care *NEW* Non-Infused Bath Bombs (NO CBD!)

Alni Body care dye-free bath bombs lavender eucalyptus bath bombs handmade

Love Alni Body Care bath bombs? Have you been looking for a luxurious handmade bath bombs made with plant-based ingredients?  Have you been searching for dye-free bath bombs that do not contain any harsh ingredients? Are you lucky and live a pain-free life and/or simply do not wish to use CBD? 

Introducing Alni Body Care *NEW* Non-Infused Bath Bombs! The same recipe without the CBD.  Available in one blend and two shapes right now.  The non-infused bath bomb is the Lavender Eucalyptus colored with beet root.  You can order it in a traditional sphere-shaped bath bomb or a Valentines Heart-Shaped bath bomb (only available for a limited time).  

Handmade Dye-Free Valentines Heart Bath Bombs vegan bath bombs vegan bath and body care dye-free bath bombs

All Alni Body Care bath bombs and bath soak are made with a blend of avocado and coconut oils for silky, smooth luxurious skin. Also made with epsom salt and essential oils. Topped with local dried lavender flowers.  Comes with a free reusable sachet bag to use in the bath to collect the flowers, if you'd like, or use without the bag and float in the flowers. Perfect to transform your bathroom into your own personal zen spa! 

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