*NEW* Lavender Eucalyptus Seashell-Shaped Shower Steamers

*NEW PRODUCT* Lavender Eucalyptus Seashell-Shaped Shower Steamers
NEW Product! Lavender Eucalyptus Shower Steamers with menthol in a seashell shape
New Shower Steamer shape and new Shower Steamer scent blend! Try Alni Body Care *NEW* seashell-shaped shower steamers.  The seashell shape is a more elegant look, perfect for bridal shower, bridal party, housewarming, vacation rental, etc. gifts! I am featuring a new scent blend in the seashell shape, a lovely lavender eucalyptus menthol shower steamer blend colored a hint of blue with butterfly pea flower and topped with dried lavender flowers.  The seashell shower steamers are also offered in my classic peppermint eucalyptus menthol blend. 
Lavender Eucalyptus menthol shower steamers in a seashell shape
Peppermint Eucalyptus menthol shower steamers in a seashell shape
The seashell shower steamers will only be sold individually, in a pack of 2, or in a pack of 5. They are $7/each, 2 for $12, or 5 for $30. They are slightly larger than my standard half sphere shower steamers and the batches yield a smaller quantity, hence the slight price difference for the seashell steamers. Plus, they are an elegant seashell shape, ideal for elevated gift giving for special occasions, like engagement parties, bridal showers, bridal parties, welcome gifts for wedding guests and vacation rentals, Mother's Day gifts, and birthday gifts.  
Peppermint Eucalyptus seashell shower steamers

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