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My Non-Diet "Endo-Diet": Plant-Based Dairy

Since endometriosis causes chronic inflammation (among other things), sometimes it helps for people with Endometriosis to switch to dairy-free options. Some people choose to be completely dairy/gluten/sugar/caffeine/everything-free and/or vegan, but that lifestyle doesn’t work for everyone and it certainly wouldn’t work for me! I switched to almond milk in my coffee, cashew milk ice cream, & coconut milk "yogurt" + drink fruit smoothies + eat a lot of salads. I still eat gluten & still eat “regular” salad dressing & I still eat sugar (I tried cutting it out and couldn’t eat anything, now I try and get unsweetened if possible and use vegan sugar substitutes like monk fruit or date sugar). For anyone looking to do a few simple steps that will help, just switching to plant-based Ice cream and milk really does help! (I still treat maself to dairy soft-serve occasionally 🍦). Cashew milk ice cream is creamy like dairy ice cream, I used to eat coconut milk ice cream but cashew milk is so much better. But, you don’t need to always eat gluten-free or dairy free with endometriosis, & on days you want to “treat yoself” I think you should be free to to that! Life is too short to restrict every meal, I realized after recovering from an eating disorder. So many Endo nutrition blogs border on unhealthy dieting tips & restriction, people like me have to be careful who we follow to avoid triggering posts. It’s hard because a lot of these posts pop up under the #endometriosis hashtag I follow, those ones are difficult to avoid. Do what you feel is best for your own body, don’t let these nutrition blogs shame you into thinking you can’t have treats! 😊🍃🌿
xo Alex 😘💜

PS. Just got this new Almond/Cashew milk for my coffee & smoothies, it's so good!



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