March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month! 

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What is endometriosis? Center for Endometriosis Care website defines endometriosis as “a systemic, inflammatory disease characterized at surgery by the presence of endometrium-like tissue found outside the uterus, usually with an associated inflammatory process.” Common symptoms of endometriosis include non-menstrual abdominal or pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, IBS-related symptoms, bladder pain, nausea, lower back pain, leg pain (like sciatica), crippling fatigue, extremely painful and debilitating periods. These are just some of the symptoms of this disease.


I was personally diagnosed in 2016 by Dr. Andrew Nelson in Colorado. My endo is different than most, as mine is not genetic, but the unfortunate result of a sexual assault & pelvic injury/emergency surgery. I have dealt with pelvic pain ever since the assault in 2009, but didn’t learn about endometriosis until my laparoscopy & excision in 2016.

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Endometriosis Surgery scars


I believe I will need to have a 3rd surgery and soon, due to exacerbating GI symptoms. Pelvic physical therapy has helped immensely with my quality of life.  It has decreased pain with intercourse and allowed me to be able to play golf and lift weights in the gym.  I have been going to Aquacare Physical Therapy in Maryland and Delaware since 2018. Cara, Dr. Cait, and most recently, Dr. Kelly Fortner have been so informative and helpful in my journey to reduce pelvic pain.  💛

Pelvic Floor Muscles chart Aquacare Physical Therapy  

Every year I do a big sale during March. This year, take 20% off endometriosis tools like suppositories, lubricant, salve, and bath bombs/soak. CBD Suppositories are used internally for deep abdominal or pelvic pain and cramping.  Topical Salve is used externally for localized relief of pain and inflammation, as well as skin irritation.  You can soak in a CBD bath for lower back pain, hip pain, and general relaxation.  💛

Alni Body Care Endometriosis Awareness Month Sale



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