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Learn About Alni Body Care CBD Infused Intimate Lubricant

Learn About Alni Body Care CBD Infused Intimate Lubricant

Alni Body Care CBD Infused Intimate Lubricant

Do You experience pain with intercourse?  Are you seeing a physical therapist and/or use a pelvic wand for internal pelvic release? Do you simply want to enhance sensation and increase frequency and intensity of orgasms? Trying a hemp CBD-infused lube is an excellent option to help alleviate pain and heighten pleasure.  Also works as a vulva moisturizer for dryness related to Menopause and conditions like Lichen Schlerosus.

Benefits of CBD Infused Lubricant: 

  • Reduces Inflammation 
  • Alleviates Pelvic Cramping & Spasming
  • Stimulates blood flow to genitals to increase sensation
  • Relaxes Pelvic Floor Muscles 
  • Can be used with toys, pelvic wands, and can be used vaginally and anally

Ingredients in Alni Body Care CBD Infused Lubricant:

Organic, cold-pressed hemp CBD Oil & Hemp CBD Isolate*

*This is an oil-based lubricant and therefore is NOT compatible with latex condoms.  Please use with polyurethane condoms or other forms of STI/STD protection/contraception only.  

Alni Body Care CBD Lube & Intimate Rose Pelvic Wand

How to Use:

Spritz the product onto a toy, pelvic wand, or directly onto genitals.  You can do a light massage if you would like to work it into the clitoris, inside the vagina, or massage the penis.  The effects will kick in rapidly.  You can apply before or during intercourse. This is edible provided that you do not mind the taste of hemp seed oil.  

Available in two (2) sizes: 

1oz 100mg Spray Bottle


Alni Body Care 1oz 100mg CBD Lube


4 oz 500mg Spray Bottle 

Alni Body Care 4oz Vegan CBD Intimate Lube & Vulva Moisturizer


Sample Packs for Pelvic Health Practitioners & Wholesale* 

Alni Body Care offers sample packs of pelvic health-related products for pelvic health practitioners to purchase at a reduced price.  There is also the option to order wholesale at a reduced price for bulk orders to retail in your practice or offer to patients.  Please email alnicbd@gmail.com with any questions.                                                                                                                                               *I am a small, self-funded, one woman-owned business and am not able to continue offering free samples.  I can toss in some goodies along with your order of suppository sample packs, but due to overwhelming demand, I am no longer able to cover the cost free products & shipping.  Thank you so much for understanding. 

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