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Vegan Easter Basket Ideas: Bath & Body Goodies

Vegan Easter Basket Ideas: Bath & Body Goodies

Alni Body Care bath and body easter basket ideas

Ditch the candy, sugar, and food dye and replace those items with handmade, vegan bath and body care goodies from Alni Body Care this Easter!  My sphere-shaped bath bombs even look like eggs, colored with nature, NEVER dyes! I also have fun seashell-shaped bath bombs and now shower steamers!  Bath Bombs are available CBD-infused OR non-CBD-infused and the shower steamers never contain CBD.  The seashell shower steamers are available in Lavender Eucalyptus menthol (new) colored a hint of blue with butterfly pea flower and topped with dried lavender flowers.  The seashell shower steamers also come in my classic peppermint eucalyptus menthol blend.


Alni Body Care shower steamers for Easter baskets

Alni Body Care aromatherapy shower steamers, molded by hand and scented with essential oils.  Choose a traditional half sphere shape OR a NEW seashell shape for your shower steamers.  

What is a shower steamer? Shower steamers are aromatherapy shower fizzies or shower bombs for your shower.  There are different blends for relaxation or sinus relief.  Alni Body Care handmade shower steamers come with instructions and a how-to-use-shower-steamer-guide.  There are a few blends to choose from: 

Eucalyptus Peppermint with Menthol (sinus/allergy relief blend)

Lavender with Menthol & Dried Lavender Flowers (calming/relaxing blend)

*NEW* Lavender Eucalyptus with menthol (calming/refreshing/anytime blend)

Alni Body Care aromatherapy shower steamers

Alni Body Care shower steamers are sold individually, in 3-packs, 6-packs, or 8-packs. 

*Please note that the seashell shower steamers are only sold individually, in 2-packs, or 5-packs.*

Alni Body Care Lavender Eucalyptus menthol shower steamer seashell beach theme bridal shower

Lavender Eucalyptus with Menthol shower steamers in a seashell shape

Alni Body Care Peppermint Eucalyptus Shower Steamer seashell beach theme bridal shower gifts

Peppermint Eucalyptus with Menthol shower steamers in a seashell shape


Alni Body Care dye-free bath bombs lush bath bombs easter basket ideas

Alni Body Care dye-free bath bombs, colored with nature, molded by hand, and infused with avocado oil.  Aromas from essential oils. NO SLSA! NO ALCOHOL! Topped with local dried lavender flowers.  

 Did you know...all Alni Body care bath and shower and all body products are colored with nature? That means they are dye-free and free of any artificial colorants.  Food dyes are toxic because they contain titanium dioxide and other heavy metals.  There is a reason why skittles and other dyed candies are banned in certain countries.  Alni Body Care uses only colors you can find in nature, like green from matcha green tea, pink from dragon fruit, blue from butterfly pea flower, purple from beet root, and yellow from turmeric.  

dye-free bath bombs lavender matcha and patchouli beet root

Alni Body Care bath bombs are made with a blend of avocado and coconut oils and are available non-infused or infused with CBD.  They also contain epsom salt and are topped with local dried lavender flowers.  Choose a traditional sphere shape or a beach-themed seashell shape.  Many blends to choose from: 

Lavender colored with Matcha*

Blue Tansy colored with Butterfly Pea Flower*

Patchouli colored with Beet Root*

Lemon Eucalyptus colored with Wild Blueberry*

Yuzu Grapefruit colored with Turmeric*

Lavender Eucalyptus colored with Dragon Fruit (only available non-CBD-infused)

(*denotes bath bombs that are only available CBD-infused)

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