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Dye-Free, Non-Toxic Bath Bombs, Kid Safe!

Alni Body Care Handmade Dye-Free, Non-Toxic Bath Bombs, Kid Safe Bath Bombs colored with Nature!

Ever wonder why Alni Body Care only uses natural colorants and NEVER artificial dyes in our bath & body products?  Read below to find out more about the harmful effects of food dyes and what plant-based alternatives Alni Body Care uses to make all bath & body products non-toxic and kid-safe.  Alni Body Care bath bombs and all bath & body products are dye-free, fragrance oil-free, SLSA-free, and alcohol-free. All products are made with plant-based ingredients ONLY & are therefore vegan-friendly. 

Dye-Free, Non Toxic Organic Bath Bombs colored with nature

Artificial food dyes are, "synthetic, petroleum-based chemicals that do not occur in nature".  A good rule of thumb with body care products that I like to use is that if it is not something edible or safe to ingest, it not safe for you to be applying onto or into your skin.  Although synthetic food dyes are technically edible, the UK and many other countries have banned these chemicals from foods.  Not only are they most commonly found in junk foods, artificial food dyes like red-40, yellow-5, and yellow-6 are known to cause allergic reactions and even disturbances in mood and emotions.  If research is confirming that artificial food dyes are not safe to consume, why would we bathe in them?  Your skin is the largest organ in your body.  You only get one skin!  Treat it right by eating nutritious foods and using gentle bath & body products derived from nature.  Not to mention, artificial food dyes will stain your bath tub!  Keep reading to learn about what plant-based color sources Alni Body Care uses for each bath bomb blend!

Lavender Eucalyptus Bath Bombs colored with Dragon Fruit
Lavender Eucalyptus bath bombs colored with dragon fruit! Available in a traditional sphere shape or a fun large heart shape! I use dragon fruit in my smoothies!  I always loved the bright, hot pink color.  And now you can experience it in your bath tub!  Select this blend for kids or for folks who do not want CBD.
You can also try Alni Body Care aromatherapy shower steamers! 3 different scent blends, made with essential oils! 
*This is currently the only non-infused (NON-CBD) blend. Please contact Alexandra for bulk orders of non-infused bath bombs, as any blend can be made non-infused.  Perfect for baby shower or bridal shower/bridal party gifts.* 
Lavender Matcha Bath Bombs dye-free non toxic bath bombs


The first Alni Body Care signature bath bomb blend is the Lavender colored with Matcha! Yes, green tea!  All bath bombs are also topped with locally-sourced dried Lavender flowers.  Aromas from essential oils.  Enjoy a silky smooth experience with Alni Body Care bath bombs because all bath bombs are made with a blend of avocado and coconut oils.  Avocado oil is a humectant, meaning it penetrates deeply to hydrate skin! 


Patchouli Bath Bombs colored with beet root
An earthy, musky Patchouli essential oil colored with beet root!  I would say that beet root also has a deep, earthy aroma.  The most luxurious bath you will ever take!  If you are a Patchouli fan, I highly recommend this bath bomb! 
Blue Tansy Bath Bombs colored with Butterfly Pea Flower
*TOP-SELLER*  Do you know what Blue Tansy is? Have you heart of Butterfly Pea Flower? Meet Alni Body Care Blue Tansy Bath Bombs colored with Butterfly Pea Flower!  Blue Tansy essential oil is derived from an herb native to Morocco that is actually yellow! I describe the aroma as floral and herbaceous like lavender, but a little more on sweet.  It is quite divine!  Butterfly Pea Flower is also known as blue matcha, it is a blue/purple color tea that is used mainly in beverages to add a unique color change.  
Lemon Eucalyptus colored with Wild Blueberry
A little bit lemon, a little bit eucalyptus, you may be surprised how much you like this blend!  Colored with Wild Blueberry.  
Yuzu Grapefruit Colored with Turmeric

 In the mood for citrus?  Try the Yuzu Grapefruit blend colored with a little bit of turmeric.  Snag it when you see it, because this blend is not always available! 


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