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CBD Oil for Pets

🐕 🌱🐈 Did you know... our CBD tincture can be used with humans AND pets! I give it to my 2 dogs and my cat for anxiety when we travel. I also give it to my dogs to help with compulsive itching and scratching during allergy breakouts. Our tincture contains absolutely 0% THC, verified by 3rd Party Lab Testing (current Reports always on the website). Made with organic coconut MCT oil and Colorado derived hemp CBD isolate. Available in 3 strengths. The dose for pets is significantly less than that for humans. To put it in perspective, for myself, in the morning I will take about .5mL-1mL (8mg CBD - 16mg CBD). My cat, however, is only 12 lbs, so I only give him about .25mL (4mg CBD). *(Dose calculations for 250mg CBD & 500mg CBD sizes ONLY. For 1,000mg CBD tincture, double these calculations).* It is Unflavored so pets will not notice a taste. Add to food or drop it right on their tongues. My dogs go crazy when they see the little blue bottle 😂 It REALLY helped my cat get adjusted when we drove and moved across country from Colorado. I would never give my babies an Rx tranquilizer or pet Xanax when there’s a natural alternative that works better with no side effects.  For senior pets, pets with mobility isues, and large breed dogs, who all may experience chronic pain, hemp CBD oil is a safe natural pain and inflammation relief option to help make them more comfortable without becoming impaired or risking other health issues.   🐈🌱🐕
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Alni Body Care CBD Oil for Pets

Alni Body Care CBD Oil for Cats



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  • What is the recommended dosage per body weight for a goat? I bought your 250 mg CBD tincture. My goat has a leg that is arthritic.

    Sherri Snider
  • Hello! I am wondering what cbd oil version would be best for a chemo patient with nausea and pain? Thank you!

  • I rescued my little fur baby from a bad situation, she has heart worm which because of her age 12 and size she cannot be treated. Would CBD tincture help in this case.

    Catherine Wright

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