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Alni Body Care Top 5 Best-Selling Products

Alni Body Care Top 5 Best-Selling Products 

Here is a list of Alni Body Care's top 5 best-selling products!  Not sure which product to order for yourself or a loved one?  Need a recommendation?  Would you like to learn more about which products are Alni Body Care staples, loved by long time customers?  Look no further than this list!  Email alnicbd@gmail.com or call/text (302) 470-8459 for more information.  


1. 1oz 200mg Double Strength Topical Salve 

This size salve has been one of Alni's Best-sellers since 2018!  Perfect for those who would like a stronger size than the standard formula, but do not want too spend more than $50 bucks.  Our stock 1oz tin size is typically 100mg CBD, while the double-strength formula boasts 200mg CBD.  I call it "Double-strength" because per scoop it is double the strength of my standard 1oz size.  Available in Lavender OR Peppermint only.  

Alni Body Care Double Strength Lavender salves on beach

Alni Body Care Peppermint Double Strength Salve


2. 1,000mg Unflavored Tincture 

Alni Body Care 1,000mg Unflavored tincture in a 30mL bottle.  This is our strongest formula tincture with 33.3mg CBD per 1mL.  This size is perfect for folks who want to conserve their product for a longer time, or who may need a stronger dose than the smaller sizes. Keep an eye out for our 1,000mg Oil Buy One Get One for x% off sales that happen once in a while.  All tincture dropper tops are graduated with mL markings for easy measurement, as well as come with a dosing instruction guide.

Alni Body Care 1,000mg Unflavored Tincture CBD Oil


3. Alni Body Care CBD-infused intimate Lubricant

Looking for an intimate personal lubricant but are concerned with the ingredients?  Most lubricants contain hard-to-pronounce chemical ingredients, which could cause irritation or infection in sensitive regions.  Alni Body Care CBD-infused intimate lubricant is made with only two (2) ingredients: organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil and hemp CBD isolate.  Packaged in a convenient spray bottle for easy application.  Available in two size options: 1oz 100mg or 4oz 500mg. 

Alni Body Care CBD-infused Intimate Lubricant


4. 4oz 1,000mg Ultra-Concentrated Topical Salve 

Looking for a large, concentrated salve that will last forever?  Try Alni Body care 4oz 1,000mg CBD Ultra-concentrated topical salve with arnica & turmeric.  The 4oz tin typically has 500mg CBD, while the ultra-concentrated version contains 1,000mg CBD.  The 4oz 1,000mg CBD size is our largest & most concentrated size.  Available in Lavender; Peppermint; OR Unscented.  

Alni Body Care Topical CBD Salve with Arnica & Turmeric 4oz 1,000mg CBD


5. Alni Body Care Handmade Bath Products

Our newest product line, Alni Body Care bath bombs and bath soak have quickly become part of our best-selling products!  All bath bombs are hand pressed.  All bath products are vegan and contain absolutely NO, food dye, SLSA, or Isopropyl; they are made with plant-based ingredients ONLY.  All bath bombs and bath soak are made with dried lavender flowers and a blend of coconut & avocado oils.  Available in several blends: 

*Blue Tansy is available in bath bomb only.  The other blends are available in both bath soak & bath bomb format.

Alni Body Care Vegan Hand Pressed Bath Bombs made with Turmeric, Matcha, or Beet Root

Alni Body Care Handmade Vegan CBD Bath Bombs Blue Tansy with Butterfly Pea Flower

Alni Body Care Vegan Lavender Rose CBD Bath Soak with Matcha

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