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Learn About Alni Body Care Pelvic Pain Products: CBD Suppositories and CBD Lube

Alni Body Care Pelvic Pain Products: CBD Suppositories & CBD Lubricant for Pelvic Pain & Pain with Sex

Did you know... CBD-infused lubricant is not just for enhancing sexual experience?  Did you know... CBD suppositories are not only for folks who identify as women?  Did you know... you can use CBD lubricant as a vulva moisturizer? Read this blog to learn more about Alni Body Care products for pelvic pain! 


CBD Suppositories 

CBD Suppositories for Pelvic Pain

CBD-infused suppositories are small, bullet shaped cocoa butter molds inserted internally.  For people with vaginas, CBD suppositories can be inserted vaginally to alleviate deep pelvic cramps, pelvic spasms, and pain with intercourse.  Sometimes I even use one overnight when I am in a lot of pain, so it will help my pain and help me get a restful night's sleep.  For people without vaginas, you can insert the suppository rectally to treat pelvic pain, anal fissures, or lower back pain. Use the night before intercourse for best results to relax muscles & enhance sensations, although a few hours before would also work.  

Simply lay either on your back or your side, whichever is more comfortable, you may use a pillow under your bottom to lift it up, and insert the suppository as far deep as you can.  Wear a panty liner, as it may melt into undergarments.  Store the suppositories at room temperature or in the refrigerator, but take out and let it get to room temperature prior to use.  Alni Body Care CBD Suppositories are 100mg per suppository.  If you would like to try them first, I offer a pack of 2.  I also offer a pack of 10.  Comes with instructions.  


CBD Lubricant 

CBD-infused lubricant

CBD-infused lubricant has many applications!  First, use as a traditional lubricant to enhance pleasure before, during, and after intercourse.  Please note, this is an OIL-BASED lubricant and is therefore NOT compatible with latex.  I recommend using with polyurethane condoms (i.e. Trojan non-latex Bareskin condoms).  The CBD is infused into organic, cold-pressed hemp seed oil.  The CBD Lubricant can also be used as a vulva moisturizer!  Experiencing dryness from menopause or a medical condition?  Try a CBD lubricant!  Also works well for genitofemural massage, this is the nerve that runs through the labia and is known to spasm. Ask your physical therapist how to do this massage.  If you use a pelvic wand or otherwise do internal pelvic release, I highly recommend using a CBD-infused lubricant.  Available in a 1oz 250mg CBD spray bottle or a 4oz 500mg CBD spray bottle. 

Alni Body Care CBD Salve Bulbospongiosis Massage of the Vulva & Labia for Pelvic Pain

pelvic floor muscles

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