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Alni Body Care - CBD Smoothie Recipe

Alni Body Care - CBD Smoothie Recipe

Alni Body Care CBD Smoothie Recipe CBD Tincture Hemp CBD Oil Vegan Keto Dairy-free gluten-free


🌱🌿I wanted to share my personal CBD smoothie recipe! Alni Body Care Unflavored CBD Tincture is great for adding to smoothies, coffee, soups, and more, since it will not alter the taste.  Alni Body Care CBD Tincture Dropper tops are graduated with mL markings for accurate dosing.   This smoothie recipe is vegan, dairy-free, & gluten free. 


Alni Body Care CBD Smoothie Recipe Dairy-free endo-friendly endo diet Hemp CBD Oil

Frozen &/or fresh strawberries 🍓 
Frozen &/or fresh pineapple 🍍 
Frozen &/or fresh raspberries (not pictured)
So Delicious! Brand Raspberry Coconut Milk Yogurt 🥥 
Blue Diamond Almond milk 🥛 or water 💦 
Chia seeds
Hemp seeds or hemp protein fiber
Turmeric powder 
Ginger Herbpharm tincture (for digestive support)
Last but not least, Alni Body Care Unflavored CBD tincture ...

Add all ingredients to blender & blend!  I usually Iike to add more strawberries than anything! 

Hope you like it, enjoy! 🌿🌱

 xo Alexandra

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