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Add our Unflavored CBD Oil to any meal or beverage!

Alni Body Care Unflavored CBD Oil CBD Tincture CBD Coffee Hemp Oil CBD  

Have you tried Alni Body Care Unflavored Vegan CBD Tincture?!  You can consume it straight from the dropper, use sublingually (under the tongue), or add to your favorite drink, like a coffee or smoothie, or your favorite meal, like a salad dressing or in a sauce! I like to take it straight or add to my coffee in the morning ☕️! Our droppers have graduated mL markings to make measuring doses easy!  Be confident with your CBD dose, all of our products are sent out for 3rd party lab testing.  Current Lab Reports are always posted and updated on our website under the "Lab Reports" tab at the top menu.  Alni Body Care CBD Tincture is unflavored, since we use an extract called Hemp CBD Isolate, which is odorless and flavorless.  We deliberately use CBD isolate because it is always 98%-99% potent and never contains any trace amounts of THC.  We use extract derived from Colorado hemp only to honor our commitment to quality and consistency.  

Alni Body Care CBD Oil CBD Tincture CBD Dosing

I’ve been personally using my CBD tincture for a while now and my mood is immensely better! I had been depressed since we left Colorado and stressed due to health issues, student loan debt, and family stuff! With my CBD tincture, I feel happy, I feel normal, I feel like I can get everything done and still have so many hours in the day. With my PTSD, there are days when I have depressive episodes and days when I have angry episodes, with CBD I can reduce my episodes and better handle triggers. In terms of my pain, my Endometriosis is actually flaring up pretty badly right now due to increased activity lately, lack of adequate treatment, and being on my period. Ordinarily, my whole body would be sore right now, with the CBD only my stomach feels bloated. I use my CBD salve as needed in conjunction with the tincture for localized pain relief directly where I need it. If anyone has any questions about the tincture, how to use, or specific questions about CBD and anxiety/ptsd or pain, feel free to message me on Instagram @alnicbd or email me anytime alnicbd@gmail.com

Xo Alex .

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