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Using Alni CBD Salve for Dry Skin, Rashes, and Skin Irritations

Using Alni CBD Salve for Relief of Dry Skin, Skin Irritation, & Skin Rashes. Accutane dry skin
Alni Body Care Vegan CBD-infused topical salve is multi-purpose! Use for localized relief of pain, inflammation, spasms, cramps, but also skin irritations, dry skin, rashes, & more!

Pictured above are before and after photos using Alni CBD Salve.  The top two photos show dry, cracked hands from the  cold winter air and side effects of Accutane.  The bottom two photos show the results after about 1 week of regular application of Alni CBD salve.  Smooth as a baby's bottom! 
Alni Body Care CBD Salve for Food Allergy Skin Rash.  Red, Itchy Skin.  Skin Rash Relief.  Before and After.
The above photo on the left shows a rash on a leg from a food allergy that was itchy & hot to the touch.  The photo on the right shows the same leg about 10-15 minutes after application of Alni CBD salve.  The CBD salve helps calm the redness, irritation, and inflammation.  
Vegan CBD Salve. Topical Pain Relief.  Vegan CBD Products.  Dry Skin, menstrual cramps, pelvic pain, skin irritation, muscle spasms, and more.