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Alni Body Care

Spotlight: Alni Body Care Grapefruit CBD Salve

Spotlight: Alni Body Care Grapefruit CBD Salve
Have you tried @alnicbd Grapefruit CBD salve?! The scent is uplifting and energizing; more bitter than sweet, but not overpowering! Grapefruits are approximately 99% Limonene, a terpene associated with its antioxidant properties, as well as improving immune & respiratory function & enhancing mood. Terpenes are phytocannabinoids, compounds found organically that give plants their unique qualities, like aroma, taste, and even give cannabis strains their unique therapeutic benefits.

What is CBD?

Alni CBD Body Care - What is CBD? (Cannabidiol) Information on CBD & the difference between cannabis CBD & Hemp CBD
What is CBD?  CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the many compounds found in cannabis and hemp.  There are cannabis strains high in CBD, but in hemp there...