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Alni Body Care

Alni Body Care - CBD Smoothie Recipe

Alni Body Care Dairy-free CBD Smoothie Recipe Hemp CBD Oil
I wanted to share my personal CBD smoothie recipe! Alni Body Care Unflavored CBD Tincture is great for adding to smoothies, coffee, soups, and more, since it will not alter the taste.  Alni Body Care CBD Tincture Dropper tops are graduated with mL markings for accurate dosing.   This smoothie recipe is vegan, dairy-free, & gluten free. 

My Non-Diet "Endo-Diet": Plant-Based Dairy

My Non-Diet "Endo-Diet": Plant-Based Dairy
Since endometriosis causes chronic inflammation (among other things), sometimes it helps for people with Endometriosis to switch to dairy-free options.  Some people choose to be completely dairy/gluten/sugar/caffeine/everything-free and/or vegan, but that lifestyle doesn’t work for everyone and it certainly wouldn’t work for me!  For anyone looking to do a few simple steps that will help, just switching to plant-based dairy products is pretty helpful! Click to read more of my non-diet Endo Diet tips!