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Alni Body Care

CBD Oil for Pets

Alni Body Care CBD oil for pets
Alni Body Care Unflavored hemp CBD oil can be used with humans and pets!  It is Lab-tested, free of dyes & flavorings, and 0% THC, making it ideal for fur babies.  Use for pets with mobility issues, senior pets, pet separation anxiety, pet travel anxiety, large breed dogs, hip displasia, and more!

Alni Body Care - CBD Smoothie Recipe

Alni Body Care Dairy-free CBD Smoothie Recipe Hemp CBD Oil
I wanted to share my personal CBD smoothie recipe! Alni Body Care Unflavored CBD Tincture is great for adding to smoothies, coffee, soups, and more, since it will not alter the taste.  Alni Body Care CBD Tincture Dropper tops are graduated with mL markings for accurate dosing.   This smoothie recipe is vegan, dairy-free, & gluten free. 

Perfect Pair: CBD Salve + CBD Tincture (CBD oil)

Perfect Pair: CBD Salve + CBD Tincture (CBD oil)
Perfect Pair! Vegan CBD Salve & Vegan CBD Tincture (CBD Oil). 🌿🌱
Use them together for pain & inflammation. The salve is great to apply directly where you need. Use together for optimal results.  Try both with either of our CBD Salve/Tincture product bundles.

Add our Unflavored CBD Oil to any meal or beverage!

Add our Unflavored CBD Oil to any meal or beverage!
Have you tried Alni Body Care Unflavored Vegan CBD Tincture?! You can consume it straight from the dropper, use sublingually (under the tongue), or add to your favorite drink, like a coffee or smoothie, or your favorite meal, like a salad dressing or in a sauce! I like to take it straight or add to my coffee in the morning ☕️! Our droppers have graduated mL markings to make measuring doses easy!  I’ve been personally using my CBD tincture for a while now and my mood is immensely better!