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Bulbospongiosis Massage of the Labia with Alni CBD Salves for Pelvic Pain & Muscle Spasms

Bulbospongiosis Massage of the Labia with Alni CBD Salves for Pelvic Pain & Muscle Spasms

Alni Body Care CBD Salve Bulbospongiosis Massage of the Vulva & Labia for Pelvic Pain

🌿Did you know... You can incorporate @alnicbd CBD salve during bulbospongiosis massage externally of the labia, or any massage of the superficial perineal muscles?! This is especially helpful for those of us with any kind of vulvar pain or muscle spasms that should painful sensations through the labia & inner thighs. My lovely physical therapists at @aquacarept gave me this instructions sheet for how to do the massage on myself at home.  I’ve been using my unscented CBD salve during it, but I have also used the Lavender.   As soon as I’m done massaging I feel instant relief, both from the CBD salve and the massage. This is especially helpful when the muscle spasms and shooting pain keeps me awake during the night.  The anatomical photo is a diagram of some of the other superficial perineal muscles. Inflammation and adhesions pushing on the muscles and nerves in your pelvic cavity are often the source of pain and spams. If you have any questions, feel free to email alnicbd@gmail.com or if you have a physical therapist, definitely ask about various massages and releases you can do on your own for relief! It’s very empowering to have the knowledge and tools to ease your own chronic pain. 🌿

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✨If you are a physical therapist or physiologist or any other type of pelvic health practitioner that would like to learn more or sample some of my products to refer to patients, please email alnicbd@Gmail.com I would love to share how my CBD products have helped my own pelvic pain from endometriosis & a sexual trauma.✨

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