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Alni CBD Oil is the G.O.A.T. ... literally!

CBD for Goats! 

Bubba Beans the goat and Alni CBD Oil

Did you know... you can use CBD Oil for pets that are mammals!  Local farmer, Amanda Ruchalski, of Ard Brac Acres in Pittsville, MD, has been using Alni Body Care Unflavored CBD Oil for her goat, Bubba Bean.  He has been experiencing nerve pain in his hind legs and uses CBD oil in conjunction with physical therapy.  It helps him feel less anxious in the rehabilitation swing and eases his pain so he can heal. 

All mammals have endogenous cannabinoid systems complete with various receptors that intrinsically know how to process cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol) found in hemp. These receptors are prepared to bind with and process cannabinoids, the chemical components of hemp.   This is precisely why pets like cats, dogs, horses, and even goats can experience the benefits of hemp CBD products for a variety of ailments including but not limited to pain and anxiety.  They can use it for chronic pain and anxiety, as well as situational, such as travel anxiety. 

Alni Body Care tinctures are unflavored, meaning there is no hemp taste and no other added flavoring.  The carrier oil used is an organic coconut MCT (multichain triglyceride) oil, but there is no coconut flavor.  All Alni Body Care products  are made with hemp CBD Isolate and therefore contain 0.0% THC.  This is notable because pets cannot process THC the same way humans can and should only use products made with hemp CBD Isolate.  There are three (3) different strengths/sizes available.  We also offer custom orders for stronger doses, for example equine doses (for horses).  

Please email if you have specific questions about CBD oil for pets. 

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